Why sell your gold and silver?

The Price of Gold and Silver is Going Up while
The Economy is Going Down

If you've ever thought about selling your unwanted gold and silver jewelry and scraps, then now is the time! Traditionally, as the stock market crashes as significantly as it has in the past few years, and when times are tough for the American people, Gold is seen as a stable investment. It doesn't fluctuate as wildly as the stock market, and when those stock traders lose big cash during the stock market crash, they run to the stable and safe Gold Market. The price of gold and silver increases, which means you'll get much more cash for your gold and silver!

Gold is Stable

Gold and silver are safe and stable, and when it increases in price, it does not drop significantly from day to day. Unlike the stock market, where one stock may gain hundreds of points in one day, and then fall two hundred points the next day, the price of gold does not fluctuate as much. When the overall price for gold increases as much as it has in the past few years, you can count on making the most money off of the gold now.

The Time is NOW

Are you short on cash? Need to pay the bills quickly? Just want to make a some good money? Now is the time to sell your unwanted gold. Did you lose a gold earring? Sell that one lonely gold earring to us! You have no use for it sitting there in your drawer, gathering dust. Turn that dusty old earring into instant cash! Do you have extra old gold or silver bracelets that are out of fashion, which you'll never wear again? Turn that unwanted gold and silver into cash! Treat yourself to a fancy dinner, pay the bills, buy a new dress, or just plain save with all the money that you'll earn from your unwanted gold! Who knew that you can make so much money from unwanted gold jewelry and gold scraps?


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  • San Jose, CA 95128
  • TEL: 408-423-9666

  • Cash for Gold San Jose
  • 2306 Almaden Road # 160
  • San Jose, CA 95125
  • TEL: 408-723-7089

  • Cash for Gold San Jose
  • 991 Saratoga Ave # 120
  • San Jose, CA 95129
  • TEL: 408-255-5200

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